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Preparing for a Natural Childbirth Experience

Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Childbirth DVD

By Laurie Binder, LCCE, RNCNP, MS, LAc, Dr of Acupuncture,  Childbirth Class Teacher

Introducing the DVD that combines the use of Acupressure points and Organized Breathing techniques for a better childbirth experience for the baby, mother and her labor partner. Can be used to promote natural birth. Also supports conventional births.

With this quick and simple guide you will:

  • Learn simple Acupressure techniques that anyone can learn and practice
  • Maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Stimulate and promote labor
  • Calm the mother
  • Increase comfort
  • Involve the birth partner
  • Know when to go to the hospital

The information provided includes:

  • Concise information to show you how to use Organized Breathing patterns and Acupressure points to support your ideal natural birth experience –
  • How to prepare for labor and the birthing experience
  • How to recognize approaching labor
  • Activities at home during early labor
  • When to go to the hospital

Acupressure points and Organized Breathing techniques for labor management will:

  • Stimulate and promote the labor process
  • Reduce pain
  • Control nausea
  • Calm the mother / reduce panic
  • Move the baby down
  • Encourage the cervix to dilate

The birth tools that you will learn include:

  • Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Organized Breathing
  • Pain management / comfort measures
  • By learning the techniques and information provided in this DVD, you will be prepared to confidently participate in the birth of your child.

Introduction to Acupressure and Breathing for Childbirth

What makes this Childbirth guide so different?

Hi! I’m Laurie Binder and this DVD is to teach you and your birth partners how to use breathing and acupressure techniques to help you have a calm and efficient labor.

I created this natural childbirth system after teaching hundreds of couples Lamaze childbirth techniques and working with pregnant patients in my acupuncture fertility practice. In both instances I was preparing these people for labor in their last month of pregnancy.

So many of these parents to be were looking for ways to combine techniques from birth classes with acupuncture points. There are specific Acu-points that can be used to help the cervix dilate, move energy, therefore the baby downward, and calm the mother. In addition organized breathing techniques can help manage pain and distress. Proper breathing will increase oxygen to the mother and baby. These are simple effective tools that can help your labor be efficient and progress smoothly.

Acupressure & Breathing for Childbirth DVD

$24.95 (Excl. CA Sales Tax)
Weight: 0.17kg
Width: 5in
Height: 1in
Length: 7in

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